About ThetaSquared

Founded in 2007, ThetaSquared is a business and technology strategic advisory practice. Our focus is the cultivation of technological opportunity in a broad range of fields, including Alternative Energy, Life Sciences, Information Technology and Telecommunications. ThetaSquared works with corporations, universities and not-for-profits on their efforts to build value through innovation; advising clients on a full spectrum of strategic and business issues related to technology commercialization and industrial development.

In addition to our work in the technology and industrial strategy fields, we have significant experience in the field of long-term strategic planning and economic development, with a particular focus on technology-based economic development.

    Business and Law - Interdisciplinary Approach

    ThetaSquared is part of an interdisciplinary law and business consortium that serves legal, business and strategic needs of emerging industries and those who help support that process.

    For information about our affiliated legal practice, visit our site at www.ThetaLaw.com or click here.

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ThetaSquared, LLC

Office: 11320 Hessler Road, Cleveland, OH 44106

E-Mail: info@thetasquared.com

Telephone: 440.745.8550
Fax: 440.940.9952 

Science & Art

"Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do."

- Donald Knuth


Why Work with Us?

ThetaSquared's goal is to bring unsurpassed expertise and creative thinking together in teams of professional, technical and business veterans to meet your specific needs. Whether your company needs legal, scientific, business or strategic assistance on your journey toward success, we are there to help. We work with clients across a range of size and needs – from institutions to startups, from simple steps forward to large, complex transactions, finding the right composition of skill and experience to help you see where you're going and get there…